48:e festivalen 24 jan - 2 feb, 2025

Producer at Eyeworks Film & TV Drama



Peter Bouckaert joined Eyeworks, Belgium’s leading film & TV drama production company, in 2001. He developed, financed, produced and coproduced over 50 quality TV drama series (The Cinderella Murder, 1985, Chantal, Red Light, The Twelve, Floodland, Old Belgium, Double Life, The Divine Monster, Missing Persons Unit, De Ridder, Homegrown, Cordon, The Bunker, Please Love Me, The Infiltrator, …) and feature films (Ritual, The Mercator Trail, Save Sandra, Don’t Shoot, Ben X, Bullhead, Time Of My Life, The Verdict, Marina, The K. File, The Treatment, Behind the Clouds, Control, …).

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