48:e festivalen 24 jan - 2 feb, 2025

48:e festivalen
24 Jan -
2 Feb, 2025


Please email us and tell us who you are and why you want the chance to experience the Göteborg Film Festival through The Isolated Cinema Pater Noster. We need to receive your email no later than January 17, but selection for interviews takes place on an ongoing basis from January 4 when registration opens.

If you are selected, you commit to living in isolation on the island of Pater Noster, completely without contact with the outside world, for a week from January 30 to February 6, 2021. You also need to be available the week before for planning discussions for your stay. You must be willing to make a video diary every day during your isolation and also be available to participate in interviews about your stay before and after The Isolated Cinema Pater Noster.

As the weather is a major factor in getting to and from the island in safety, you must also be prepared for the fact that the outward and return journey may need to be adjusted to earlier or later than planned.

The last application date has passed.

How will you choose who gets the place?

From the applications we select a handful of applicants who are invited to an interview. After the interviews, we select the person who will spend 7 days on Pater Noster.

When do you decide who gets the place?

Between January 4 and 17, selection for interviews will take place on an ongoing basis. We will conduct most of the interviews on January 12-18. By January 19 at the latest we will make the final selection and contact that person.

How do I get to the island?

We will pick you up by car at an agreed place in Göteborg and drive you out to Marstrand, and from there you will be transported by boat out to the island.

How do I get home from the island?

A boat will take you to Marstrand from where we pick you up by car and drive you to the Draken cinema for a press conference with the Film Festival’s communication department. After that we will drive you to an agreed place in Göteborg.

Will I be completely alone on the island?

No, for security reasons another person will remain on the island during your stay there. You will have a short meeting every day to see if you need help with any practical matters. During this short meeting, you will also get access to a computer / iPad to record your daily video diary, which will be sent to the Film Festival’s communication department for distribution via our channels.

Can I bring my own computer?

No, you will not be allowed to bring your phone, computer, books or similar items with you. There will be pen and paper if you want to take notes or draw. But otherwise, the films of the Göteborg Film Festival are your only company.

Will I spend my time inside the lighthouse building?

No, you will have a bedroom, kitchen and film viewing room in another residential building on the island. You will have the opportunity to enter the lighthouse during your stay if you wish.

Where will I sleep?

You will have your own room with a bed and a day bed, as well as your own toilet and shower just outside the room.

Where will I watch the movies?

We have prepared a screening room in the main building’s living room. There, with a view of the ocean, you will take part in the Göteborg Film Festival. You will also have access to a locked iPad with headphones that can be used if you wish to watch movies elsewhere on the island during your stay.

What about food?

It will be self-catering, i.e. you will cook all your food on your own. We will buy the ingredients to ensure there is enough for your entire stay. Of course, we will agree with you in advance about what type food to buy.

What does it cost?
The selected person who is to be isolated for 1 week and report on the experiences in isolation does not have to pay any money for the experience, films, accommodation, food, transport or the similar.

Do you have more questions, please email paternoster@goteborgfilmfestival.se


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