48:e festivalen 24 jan - 2 feb, 2025

Clarion Hotel Draken

The brand-new Clarion Hotel Draken will serve as the new center for Göteborg Film Festival and the main hub and meeting place for the film and television industry attending the festival. 

48:e festivalen
24 Jan -
2 Feb, 2025

The New Heart of the Festival – Clarion Hotel Draken

Göteborg Film Festival and hotel group Strawberry initiates collaboration

We proudly announce the unveiling of Clarion Hotel Draken as the new center for Göteborg Film Festival, starting with the 47th edition in 2024. The brand-new hotel will serve as the main hub and meeting place for the film and television industry attending the festival. 

Standing at an impressive 104 meters with 34 stories, Clarion Hotel Draken is built atop the iconic main cinema of the Göteborg Film Festival, Draken. The hotel will feature 474 rooms, great meeting venues and conference facilities, as well as four exquisite restaurants, including a rooftop bar offering panoramic views of Göteborg.

Göteborg Film Festival’s industry center will be located at the hotel, serving as the central location for all accredited delegates at the festival, including TV Drama Vision and Nordic Film Market.

Mirja Wester, CEO, Göteborg Film Festival, said: 
“Being loved among audiences and filmmakers alike, there is no better place than the iconic Draken cinema. The addition of Clarion Hotel Draken, with a vision of embracing cinema and fostering a hub for the film industry, presents an incredible opportunity for the future growth and development of the Göteborg Film Festival. Making this our new home, we’re excited to team up with Strawberry Hotel Group and build a new film cultural center in the Nordic countries.”

Martin Wiholm, General Manager of Clarion Hotel Draken, added:  
“Göteborg is undeniably a big part of the heart of the Nordic film industry. Now, with the creation of the Clarion Hotel Draken built on the historic foundation of Draken cinema, it feels both natural and immensely exhilarating to continue evolving Göteborg and the surrounding area of Draken as a thriving cultural hub in close partnership with the Göteborg Film Festival.”

The 47th Göteborg Film Festival opens on January 26, 2024 at the cinema and Clarion Hotel Draken.

Read more about Hotel Draken and book a room here

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