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Mamma Andersson


Mamma Andersson is the artist behind the poster for Göteborg Film Festival 2020. It is a motif inspired by both film art and popular education.

Karin Mamma Andersson is one of Sweden’s most prominent artists. She is represented at several of Sweden’s and the world’s largest museums. She is also the festival artist for Göteborg Film Festival 2020.

– We are proud and happy that Mamma Andersson is making this year’s festival poster. Her unique visual world is full of stories, emotions and thought-provoking associations. Göteborg Film Festival 2020 will deal a lot with different perspectives on gender equality and feminism, and the poster will contribute in an interesting way to that discussion, says Jonas Holmberg, artistic director, Göteborg Film Festival.

Mamma Andersson is known for working with different image expressions in the same work and thus creating a riddle, which makes the viewer uncertain about their experience. In her work on the festival’s poster, she has among other things taken inspiration from the film as an art form and educator.

– I am really proud to have been asked to make the poster for Göteborg Film Festival. When I was young, film was what inspired me the most. I didn’t have access to art or any other art form, but as a 13-year-old I was already in all film clubs in Luleå. The film was the eye to the world where I lived, says Karin Mamma Andersson.

About her work that will form the poster of Göteborg Film Festival 2020 she says:

– I understood quite quickly that this was a good motif for the poster and for the festival. The work symbolizes enlightenment and I think the work illustrates popular education in a fine, humorous and humanistic way.

Mamma Andersson was born in 1962 in Luleå. She lives and works in Stockholm, where she also educated at the Royal College of Art. She is one of Sweden’s most internationally recognized artists and has exhibited her paintings at galleries and museums throughout the world. Mamma Andersson represented Sweden at the Venice Biennale in 2003 and in 2018 she made a comprehensive presentation as an artist and curator at the São Paulo Biennale in Brazil. Her paintings are included in collections at museums such as MoMA, New York, MoCA, Los Angeles, the National Museum, Oslo and the Moderna Museet, Stockholm.


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