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Göteborg Film Festival Social Media Guidelines

You are welcome to comment on our social media posts and share text and images in our channels. However, please note that we have the following for commenting that everyone must adhere to.

  • We do not allow and will delete comments stating that a person or group, for example, does not deserve to live, is worthless, scum, or vermin. We delete comments that contain:
    • Hatred towards minorities, such as ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTQ individuals, or people with various forms of disabilities/variations.
    • All forms of racism and xenophobia.
    • Derogatory epithets.
    • Inappropriate or offensive language.
    • Defamation.
    • Threats.
    • Personal attacks.
    • Other forms of harassment.
  • We do not allow and will delete comments that contain pornography, depictions of violence, and incitement, such as public urging, recruitment, and education regarding terrorist acts or other particularly serious crimes.
  • We do not allow speculation or misleading information. We delete comments that contain lies, rumors, speculation, and manipulated images/videos unless they are central to the discussion and it is clear that the content is manipulated.
  • We do not allow pure link posting without context, spam, or advertising. Campaigning for commercial products or events, as well as issues related to party politics, is not allowed. We also do not allow spam, i.e., repeated comments with the same or similar content, whether they involve links, comments, emojis, images, and/or videos. We may also remove off-topic comments (those that do not stay on the subject).
  • We do not allow the publication of copyrighted material.

Göteborg Film Festival will remove posts with the above content. If you break the law or do not follow our social media guidelines, you may be blocked from further commenting on our accounts and platforms in social media.

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