45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022
45:e festivalen
28 Jan -
6 Feb, 2022

Innovative Distribution support

Guidelines and regulations – Innovative Distribution support

Open for submission July 10 – August 10

The system for distribution have undergone an extensive change, speeded up by the effects from the pandemic. We now see a need to find new ways for the films/series to find their audience.

The Innovative distribution support aims to support innovative projects/initiatives to disseminate films/series of an eligible country to national or international audiences. We are looking for new ideas, surprising cooperations and unexpected, smart solutions to reach out.

  • The prime consideration of the selection committee is the level of innovation and invention and the practicability of the distribution project, as well as the artistic qualities of the films/series/slates it is intended for.
  • The maximum grant is SEK 200 000 ( ≈ € 20 000).
  • Applicants are for example screening organisations such as film festivals, streaming platforms or others, distribution companies or production companies. Please note that a filmmaker cannot apply as a person. Neither is the support aimed to cover submission fees or travel expenses to festivals and/or educational initiatives.

Procedure for applying

Fill in the application form with the requested information.

  • General information and description of the project, its purposes and goals, why it is innovative, as well as which films/series/slates it is intended for.
  • Contacts
  • Financial information (Detailed budget in Euro) 
  • Project schedule (incl. current state of production)
  • General information on the submitting organization.

Selection process

An international pre-selection committee will evaluate all valid submissions and make recommendations regarding which projects to be supported. The work is headed by the fund manager of the Göteborg Film Fund 2021, working together with other members of the Göteborg Film Festival programming team as well as international experts from the eligible countries.

  • The pre-selection committee will make recommendations regarding which projects to be supported.
  • The selection committee will make the decision.
  • The final selection will be announced within 2 months after the deadline.

Development support

Post-production support

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