44:e festivalen 29 jan - 8 feb, 2021


Katja Nørregaard Høgset


Selected filmography: Fengslet og forlatt (documentary, 2018), The Best (short documentary, 2014), Dropouts (short documentary, 2013), Else (short documentary, 2012)

Katja Nørregaard Høgset graduated in 2014 from Lillehammer University College as a documentary film director. Her graduation film The best was screened at several festivals in Norway. Since then she has been working in Speranza film, developing her debut documentary feature Fengslet og forlatt, which is now in postproduction. In cooperation with Speranza Film she is also developing the documentary The Self Portrait. Both projects are supported by The Norwegian Film Institute.
Besides this, she has done music videos, commissioned films and information films.

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