46:e festivalen 27 jan - 5 feb, 2023


Bringing light to new Nordic talents and film projects in development

46:e festivalen
27 Jan -
5 Feb, 2023

The discovery selection for Nordic Film Market will be released in January 2023

Here are the Discovery projects presented at Nordic Film Market 2022


Anything For Her, directed by Andrias Høgenni, produced by Johannes Rothaus Nørregaard & Rikke Tambo Andersen, Tambo Film. Sales: TBD

All Jákup wants is for his stepdaughter, Stina, to have the perfect wedding – and so far, no problems. That is, until he mistakenly invites Stina’s estranged father, the very drunk Anton, to the wedding party. Now Jákup must race against time to stop Anton, before he shows up, while still giving Stina the best day of her life – without either of the two knowing his plans.

ContactRikke Tambo Andersen, rikke@tambofilm.dk

The Beast Friend, directed by Lauri-Matti Parppei, produced by Julia Elomäki, Tekele Productions. Sales: TBD.

The Beast Friend is a modern-day psychosexual fable of codependency and abusive relationships. Mia, a woman in her 30’s, gets hired as a personal assistant, to work in a big, old mansion on an island. Mia’s tasks include keeping the house warm during the winter and cleaning up its numerous rooms – all except one. Slowly it turns out that a gigantic bear is trapped inside the forbidden room and Mia starts befriending it in secret. 

Contact: Julia Elomäki, julia@tekele.fi 

Europa, directed by Brwa Vahabpour, produced by Renée Mlodyszewski, True Content Entertainment. Sales: TBD

Akam lives a comfortable life in Oslo. When his uncle from Kurdistan comes on an unannounced visit, Akam has to adapt to the situation and practice Kurdish hospitality. As time goes by, it is revealed that his uncle has smuggled himself into Norway and has intentions of staying. Akam must then balance his relationship with his uncle and the Norwegian authorities. 

Contact: Renée Mlodyszweski, reneemlodyszewski@gmail.com 

Lucky, directed by Nitesh Anjaan, produced by Daniel Mühlendorph, Hyæne Film. Sales: TBD. 

Lucky is an existential drama centred around two Indian men living in suburban Scandinavia. We follow them over one year, in which Lucky, a 20-year-old student attempts to pursue his dream of a freer life, while his middle-aged uncle, Nandu, wants to sell his residence permit back to the Danish state and leave everything behind. 

Contact: Nitesh Anjaan, niteshanjaan@icloud.com 

Screen Time directed by Jonatan Etzler, produced by Johan Lundström, StellaNova Film. Sales: TBD

Feature length thriller in development. Vanja’s job is to remove offensive content from a social media platform. A disturbing video clip by her estranged ex Victor makes her fear that he is planning a deadly mass shooting. Unaware of who’s the real follower and who’s being followed she descends into his violent universe. 

Contact: Johan Lundström, johan.lundstrom@stellanovafilm.com 

Stone Life directed by Gunhild Enger, produced by Ingvild Evjemo & Håkon Øverås, 4 ½. Sales: TBD.

Norwegian born Silje (40) runs a healing retreat in California. When her parents come for a surprise visit to ask her to relinquishe the right to inherit the farm she grew up on in Norway, – her world collapses. Has she really made the right choices in life until now? Should she return to Norway, or should she stay at the retreat and have children with her girlfriend? What will bring Silje happiness?

Contact: Ingvild Evjemo, ingvild@Fourandahalf.no 

Redoubt directed by John Skoog, produced by Erik Hemmendorff, Plattform Produktion. Sales: TBD. 

Affected by the powerful images in the pamphlet Om kriget kommer (If the war comes), farmhand Karl-Göran Persson (Denis Lavant) begins fortifying his house in 1947. Despite the lack of understanding and sympathy from his neighbours and people from the surrounding villages, he continues building, without pause until his death in 1975.  

Contact: Erik Hemmendorff, erik@plattformproduktion.se 

My French Revolution directed by Hanna Högstedt, produced by Ami-Ro Sköld & Lovisa Charlier. Sales: TBD.

My French Revolution is a story about first love, between Gabi, a French musician of Algerian descent and Alex, a blond Swedish literature student. Gabi, first the cool Parisian in Sweden, starts to speak Swedish; suddenly she’s a North African immigrant, and the young women’s world starts to shift. 

Contact: Lovisa Charlier, lovisa@onomaproductions.com  

Discoverylaunched in 2013, is a platform for promoting new Nordic film projects in development and collaboration between Nordic Film Lab and Nordic Film Market. Discovery provides an opportunity for the international and Scandinavian film industry to discover and get in touch with new Nordic talents and film projects in an early stage

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