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Talent to Watch

10 Swedish Feature Films in Development

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26 Jan -
4 Feb, 2024

 Ten Swedish feature films in development were selected at Nordic Film Market, Göteborg Film Festival’s market for Nordic films. All projects have received development support from regional film organizations in Sweden, as a part of the Swedish Film Institute’s talent initiative Talent to Watch.

The selected projects met and presented themselves to the industry on-site at Nordic Film Market in Biopalatset (Kungstorget 2) on February 2.  The pitch will be moderated by journalist and film festival consultant Wendy Mitchell.

The Talent to Watch pitches were presented in collaboration with the Swedish Film Institute. 

Selected projects to Talent to Watch:

Albatross, directed by Sofie Edvardsson; written by Simon Österhof; produced by Simon Österhof & Jakob Nyström (So ja film AB); sales TBC.

During the 2000 year journey of the human colonization starship Albatross, passengers at the end of their lives are cloned into young versions of themselves, with no memory of their past lives. But when old memories start to return, rebellion starts brewing, and a young cultural conservationist must choose between preserving her past or exploring her future. 

Demands of a Teenage Heart, directed by Lisa Meyer; written by Lisa Meyer, Anna Nygren; produced by Mario Adamson (Sisyfos Film AB); sales TBC.

Melanie and Jossan are 15 years old and inseparable, living in a small village in the Swedish countryside. But the impending shutdown of the local high school creates a fissure in their friendship’s symbiosis, forcing Melanie to choose between her own dreams of a position in the local hunting team and moving with Jossan to a new life in the big city far away from home. 

Gertrud, directed by Maja Daniels; written by Jonas Hammarbäck; executive producer Helene Granqvist; producer TBC.

A story from the 1660s Swedish witch trials brought to the 2050s. In a drastically polarized Sweden (due to the ecological crisis) led by a tougher industry and state, but with a growing resistance movement, we follow 12-year-old Gertrud Svensdotter from Älvdalen who gets accused of walking on water. With a revolution in the air, the accusation against her might cause a showdown between worlds.

Just Kidding, directed by Malene Begtrup; written by Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov, Malene Begtrup; producer TBC.  

A sad, unintentionally pregnant stand-up comedian travels to a Chinese temple in central Scania to spend the last time with her allegedly dying mother. With the help of the master and intense Kung Fu training she realizes she is angry enough to fly. 

Nipster, directed by Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum; written by Sarah Olsson, Sunniva Eir Tangvik Kveum; produced by Adam Lunneborg (Carbs Film). 

Chris, sixteen, is a nobody longing for purpose. But this summer life begins! She and her online friend Maja will spend 4 weeks at a climate camp. Whilst there, what appears to be an idyllic summer camp will show to be a front for eco-fascists looking to recruit young people, like Chris. And through community and affirmation Chris’s self-esteem grows. It feels great to be somebody, but she wants more. 

Porslin, directed and written by Ann Holmgren; produced by Andreas Emanuelsson, Tony Österholm (Iris Film AB).

A baby boy is saved from his dying mother’s womb. Growing up, he is captivated by stories of near-death-experiences; their descriptions of surrounding light and a greater unity, is his romantic passion. At the same time he doesn’t know how to live his life. He decides to return to his indigenous grandmother to gain more knowledge about his mother – maybe that can give him some guidance?   

Skin to Skin, directed and written by Nanna Blondell; produced by Siri Hjorton Wagner ([sic] film).

When Essie goes on vacation with her husband Jack, she meets the French visual artist Marion, the only other black person apart from herself, in the Swedish countryside village. Marion opens Essie’s eyes up to her own needs, wants and desires, and Essie starts wondering if those things can truly exist in a future life with Jack. 

Slynglarna, directed by Alecio Araci; written by Alecio Aracia, Andreas Nygård; produced by Alicia Hansen, Stina Eriksson.

Trying to move on from the blurry memories of a previous assault, hyperactive Damir seeks to live every second to the fullest. When he meets the thrilling Amal, he suddenly finds himself wanting to stand still with someone for the first time. But his new lover is worried that the past will taint their future, so they set off together to get revenge on Damir’s abuser. 

The Tribe, written and directed by George Ivanov Öfverholm; produced by Sofia Ferguson (Northern Fable). 

An emotionally charged eco-thriller about the search for meaning and the slide from idealism to extremism. After a devastating loss Lisa and her teen son find hope and a new home in an off-grid collective. Mother and son form a strong bond with Jens, the supreme leader of their new tribe. But just as they begin to heal an irreparable act of violence shatters their fragile universe. 

The Love Pill, directed by Naures Sager; written by Naures Sager, Elmira Arikan; produced by Michael Detlef (The Uneven). 

Poor unsuspecting Zozo is busy being a Fashion Icon and Trendsetter when something horrific comes his way – LOVE. He is secretly falling for his straight (?!?) hunky best friend Malik who is about to get married to their other bestie Darya and somehow all of this starts unraveling on their goddamn wedding day?!? Ye. It’s a lot. & it all starts with a boys trip and a drug called: THE LOVE PILL.  

Cover photo: Just Kidding.

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