45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022


Mads Hedegaard


Selected filmography: 2017: Skull Fracture or ‘Aren’t You Rather Young To Be Writing Your Memoirs? (documentary short), 2015: The Film That Doesn’t Exist (documentary short).
Mads graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 2017. At Good Company Pictures he is working on the feature length doc Kim Canon Arm & Co. – a deadly serious comedy, set in the world of arcade games and world records. It’s about the friendship between a group of unlikely heroes and peculiar world class gamers, who – against a backdrop of loss and longing – has set out to
play the arcade game Gyruss non stop for 100 hours. Additionally Mads is developing his first feature film at Nordisk Film Spring, a coming of age film disguised as a revenge story, set in the stone age.

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