45:e festivalen 28 jan - 6 feb, 2022


Bringing light to new Nordic talents and film projects in development

45:e festivalen
28 Jan -
6 Feb, 2022

The Discovery projects of 2022 will soon be presented.

Discovery, launched in 2013, is a platform for promoting new Nordic film projects in development and a collaboration between Nordic Film Lab and Nordic Film Market. Discovery provides an opportunity for the international and Scandinavian film industry to discover and get in touch with new Nordic talents and film projects in an early stage 

Discovery presentations are only available to accredited participants at Nordic Film Market. No press allowed.

In 2021, 8 films in development were presented at the online edition of Nordic Film Market. 

The selected films in development at Discovery 2021 were:

Árru (Norway) directed by Elle Sofe Sara, produced by Elisa Fernanda Pirir, Mer Film. Sales, TBA.
Árru is a musical about Kari, a Sami woman and single parent. Together with her teenage son she is dragged into an activist campaign against the establishment of mines where her family have their reindeer grazing area. When Kari is confronted with a painful memory of a lie she told as a teenager, she faces a difficult choice: keep the secret hidden, or once and for all deal with her past?
Contact: Elisa Fernanda Pirir, elisa@merfilm.no 

Baby Pyramid (Denmark) directed by Cecilie McNair, produced by René Ezra and Matilda Appelin, Nordisk Film. Sales, TBA.
Baby Pyramid is a psychological drama portraying the ugly feelings of injustice that comes with infertility. It is a history of power and misuse hereof, set in an arena of fertility, when the fertility doctor Hannah, struggling with her own infertility, is driven to a point where her ethical and moral compass sets out, resulting in fatal consequences for everybody, not least Hannah.
Contact: Matilda Appelin, Matilda.appelin@nordiskfilm.com

Family Time (Finland) by Tia Kouvo, produced by Jussi Rantamäki and Emilia Haukka, Aamu Film Company. Sales, TBA.
It’s Christmas time and the family is gathered. We meet among others Susanna, 45, a perfectionist working at a department store who’s struggling with her feelings and her self-esteem; Helena, Susanna’s sister, a laid-back single mother who is looking forward to her son moving out, so she can watch Love Island on her own, and Hilla, 12, who still knows how to live in the moment but also wants to save the world, starting with her closest ones. Family Time is a humorous and sharp study on family relations; on loneliness and being together; on how we try to find connection, but don’t always succeed.
Contact: Jussi Rantamäki, jussi.rantamaki@aamufilmcompany.fi

Hypnosis (Sweden) directed by Ernst de Geer, produced by Mimmi Spång, Garagefilm International. Sales, TBA.
VERA and ANDRÉ are a couple who get the chance to pitch their business at a prestigious competition. Before the competition, Vera tries hypnotherapy to quit smoking, with an unexpected side effect: she loses all social inhibitions. André has a hard time dealing with this. When it risks ruining his career, he’s torn between accepting her new personality and taking drastic measures to make her stop.
Contact: Mimmi Spång, mimmi@garagefilm.se

One Day, This Will All Be Yours (Sweden) directed by Andreas Öhman, produced Eliza Jones and Markus Waltå, Grand Slam, and Gila Ulfung, Breidablick Film. Sales, TBA.
Hot-shot illustrator Lisa and her siblings meet at their parents’ farm for the first time in a decade, to find out that their father wants only one to inherit the forest that’s been in the family for generations. But is anyone willing to move back home?
Contact: Eliza Jones, eliza@grandslamfilm.se

Stranger (Denmark) directed by Mads Hedegaard, produced by Andreas Hjortdal, Motor. Sales, TBA.
When 16 year old Aathi arrives from the south to farm the lands in the country now known as Denmark, her family is killed by a local tribe of hunters. Alone in the vast and eerie forest, Aathi and her brother are forced to live with the tribe that killed their family and learn their traditions in order to survive. But when Aathi becomes pregnant and the child is forcefully adopted by the tribe, it is clear that there can be no peaceful solution to what you could call the first and biggest culture war in Danish history.
Contact: Andreas Hjortdal, andreas@motorproductions.dk

The Swedish-Finn (Sweden), directed by Johanna Pyykkö, produced by Frida Mårtensson, Jerry Carlsson and Anette Sidor, Verket. Sales, TBA.
Year 1995. While growing up in Sweden, REETTA (14), has learned to feel great shame for her family being working-class immigrants from Finland. She teaches her little sister EVA (7) to think just like her. The summer holidays have begun and Reetta is on her annual trip to Finland. On the ferry, Reetta meets a Japanese upper-class girl, KAORU (15), and falls in love. This changes everything.
Contact: Frida Mårtensson, frida@verketproduktion.com

Twilight of the Gods (Sweden) directed by Morgane Dziurla-Petit, produced by Fredrik Lange, Vilda Bomben. Sales, TBA.
Nora is 18 years old and lives in Gudalyckan, a forgotten village surrounded by large forests and the ocean somewhere in Western Sweden. But one day four immigrant kids decide to stay in the village. Nora’s family and the villagers see these newcomers as an opportunity to exercise their dominance over the village whereas Nora falls in love with one of them.
Contact: Fredrik Lange, fredrik@vildabomben.com

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