44:e festivalen 29 jan - 8 feb, 2021

Discovery 2020

Projects in development. 
Accessible only for Nordic Film Market participants.
Presentations held January 31 at Biopalatset. 

Read more about the Discovery projects here (PDF) 



Chrysanthemum (Krysantemum)
Director: Christian Bengtson
Producer: Daniel Mühlendorph
Production company: Hyaene film
Sales: TBA


A Light that Never Goes Out                           
Director: Lauri-Matti Parppei
Producer: Ilona Tolmunen
Production company: MADE
Sales: TBA


Explosions in the heart (Eksplosjoner i hjertet)
Director: Yenni Lee
Producer: Thomas Robsahm, Renée Mlodyszewski
Production company: Oslo Pictures
Sales: TBA

Sick of Myself
Director: Kristoffer Borgli
Producer: Dyveke Bjørkly Graver, Andrea Berentsen Ottmar
Production company: Oslo Pictures
Sales: TBA


Director: Neil Wigardt
Producer: Malin Hüber, Tobias Jansson
Production company: Story AB
Sales: TBA

Director: Jerry Carlsson
Producer: Frida Mårtensson, Anette Sidor
Production company: Verket Produktion
Sales: TBA

Boost! (Flyg!)
Director: Cecilia Torquato de Oliveira
Producer: Cecilia Torquato de Oliveira, Johannes Nyholm
Production company: Kvarteret Filmproduktion
Sales: TBA

Director: Ylva Forner
Producer: Sofia Ferguson
Production company: Silvio Fiction
Sales: TBA

Keep a place for me (Reglerna)
Director: Mikael Bundsen
Producer: Isabella Rodriguez
Production company: French Quarter
Sales: TBA

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