42:a festivalen 25 jan - 4 feb, 2019


Nostradamus is a multiyear international initiative to document and analyse industry changes and make projections for the future. Take part of the reports, seminars and news of the Nostradamus project here!

42:a festivalen
25 Jan -
4 Feb, 2019

Bodies, Spaces & Communities: Experience Design for Cinemas (& VR)

On November 29th in Glasgow, Johanna Koljonen gave a keynote speech at the UK film exhibition innovation conference This Way Up. The conference provided two excellent days of interesting input for the upcoming Nostradamus report; you can find a very good writeup at the BFI and a shorter piece focusing on pricing and VR at […]

The audience mindset: Nostradamus at Cannes

The Nostradamus Project was invited this year to give a session at the NEXT pavilion at the Marché du Film at the Cannes film festival. On Saturday, May 14th 2016, with support from .film, we presented a lecture by Nostradamus analyst Johanna Koljonen, followed by a panel with industry heavyweights Lene Børglum (Space Rocket Nation), Mike […]

Day-and-date revisited

We had expected 2015 to push the day-and-date discussion further, but not that the two big discussion pieces would be Netflix and Amazon originals. In October, Netflix released Beasts of No Nation in US theatres, and at Curzon cinemas in the UK. At the same time they made it available to their subscribers globally free of charge. Since this violated the […]

Sweden - an online tortuga

Piracy surging, normalized in Nordic Market Klas Palmqvist is a key player in the anti-piracy efforts of swedish industry association Sveriges Videodistributörers Förening. At the Nostradamus project´s swedish seminar in October, 2015, he presented recent statistics on piracy in the Nordic countries. See the full presentation in Swedish, or read an english summary below.  Swedish […]

Filmpolitikens praktiska form ska skapas nu

På Nostradamus svenska höstterminseminarium den 8 oktober 2015 diskuterades hur den nya filmpolitiken kan översättas till en praktisk form för att ”bygga en anständig lönsamhet för branschen”. Se hela samtalet på video – eller läs referatet nedan! Höjd moms egentligen en återgång Bo-Erik Gyberg från Kulturdepartementet inledde med att påminna om filmpolitikens förra stora skifte, som […]

Do or Die? The 2018 Nostradamus report is presented

During Göteborg Film Festival 2018 the 5th Nostradamus Report – titled Do or Die? – was presented. It takes on the topics of whether the film industry as we know it will survive, and what European film makers, financiers and exhibitors need to do to compete with the global majors and remain a cultural force.

The Nostradamus Project is run by Göteborg Film Festival and aims to sketch out the future of the screen industries 3-5 years from now, through interviews with industry experts and research. The annual report is written by Johanna Koljonen.

Interviewed in this year’s report are: Nadira Azermai, CEO, ScriptBook; Walter Iuzzolino, Co-founder, Walter Presents; Ivar Køhn, Head of Drama, NRK; Claus Ladegaard, CEO, Danish Film Institute; Marike Muselaers, Co-CEO, Lumière Group; Marie Nilsson, CEO, Mediavision; Edith Sepp, CEO, Estonian Film Institute and Patrick von Sychowski, editor, Celluloid Junkie.

Johanna Koljonen, writer of the Nostradamus Report, said:
– This year’s title reflects this thrilling moment of risk and opportunity faced by the film industry in particular. Cinemas are doing well, but their cultural role is shifting, and a majority of films are consumed in the home as they have been for decades. But now those later windows are all changing, technologically and more importantly in audience behavior. Monetising audience attention in the value chain, reaching especially the younger audiences who don’t respond to advertising, and remaining relevant in the content all requires shifts in attitudes and business models. That has to happen now, and especially European filmmaking with its slow-moving structures really needs to become proactive to stay connected to the audiences.

– We also take a follow-up look on gender equality in front of and behind the cinema as well as in executive positions in the industry. This connects to the more structural issues in that very homogenous leadership is less likely to have a broad understanding of changes out in the world.

At the seminar today, Johanna Koljonen presented the report and discussed it with panelists Thomas Gammeltoft, CEO, Copenhagen Film Fund; Wendy Mitchell, journalist; Edith Sepp, CEO, Estonian Film Institute and Marike Muselaers, Co-CEO, Lumière Group.

The report can be downloaded here 

The Nostradamus Project is founded and run by Göteborg Film Festival with support from Lindholmen Science Park, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Västra Götalandsregionen and Kulturakademin.

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Looking ahead

How are the screen industries changing in the next 3-5 years?

The screen media are changing fast. With production, distribution and consumption almost entirely digital, business models, audience behaviour and funding systems are in flux. New opportunities arise and old ways of thinking fall by the wayside, while the purpose of film remains the same. Regardless of format and platform, it is still all about moving the audience: sharing, entertaining, challenging, moving, uplifting.

The Nostradamus Project has as its mission to document and predict these changes on a 3-5 year horizon, and to present analysis in a manner that is equally comprehensible to producers and policymakers, stars and students. We do this through interviews with change-makers and people in strategic positions in the industry about what they are doing and creating today. Context is provided by the excellent research and journalism that is publicly available, but which you may be too busy to close read.

We have published five annual Nostradamus reports, on topics ranging from audience expectations to ad-blocking, from distribution to diversity, and from holdback windows to VR. The reports are free to download here; because of the scope, at least the last two tend to be up-to-date.

In addition, we organise international seminars in Göteborg during the Nordic Film Market and in Cannes at the Marché du Film, and with a more Nordic focus during Audiovisual Days. Nostradamus Project analysis has also been presented at film markets from Berlin to Rio, to film funds, and at meetings of for instance the EFADs Think Tank and the EFARN.

The 6th annual Nostradamus report will be released on Feb 1, 2019.

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Contact information

Cia Edström, Head of Nordic Film Market and Nostradamus, cia.edstrom@goteborgfilmfestival.se

Johanna Koljonen, Nostradamus editor, johanna.koljonen@participation.design

General Informationindustry@goteborgfilmfestival.se

Storytelling in immersive environments

As predicted by the Nostradamus Project, we have seen a radical growth of VR storytelling in the last year, and a continuing normalisation of multi-platform narratives in mainstream entertainment. What are the challenges and storytelling opportunities offered for the film industry by these changes? Games and storytelling innovator Carl Heath and scriptwriting legend Linda Aronson […]

Johanna Koljonen: Nostradamus 2016

Anna Higgs: Risk & reward in the audience´s world

  Anna Higgs is a multi-award winning creative producer. She has just been appointed Creative Director at NOWNESS, a video channel showcasing the best in culture.  NOWNESS is a movement for creative excellence in storytelling celebrating the extraordinary of every day.  NOWNESS works with exceptional talent, both established and emerging, and connects a huge global […]

New Opportunities & a Positive Ripple Effect

Västsvenska Filmdagarna is an increasingly important meeting place for the Swedish industry focusing on the west coast. At this year’s event, the Nostradamus Project is hosting a session on October 12th at 10.45-12.30. First Johanna Koljonen will present the updated findings from the latest Nostradamus Report. What is happening in the film industry? How is […]

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